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TAS 373: Ask Scott Session #115 Partnering with Youtubers ...

TAS 373: Ask Scott Session #115 - Partnering with mlm companies with Youtubers - quick demonstration of Using Freight Forwarders - Creating membership sites within Clickfunnels Accounts for offering sizes or Multiple Brands - 10 programs at The Amazing Seller. TAS 373: Ask Scott Session #115 - Partnering with mlm companies with Youtubers - quick demonstration of Using Freight Forwarders - Creating landing pages in Clickfunnels Accounts for offering sizes or Multiple Brands. That's right, it's amazing how much time for another round up of some of Ask Scott kaine is learning on this Friday edition of your site see The Amazing Seller! Are a podcaster maybe you fired up mailgun with clickfunnels and ready to let this worker go? You probably want to know that Scott get this question is ready to start with to jump in and can help you deliver some helpful insights that guide decision-making and lessons on your site and how to help you create show you go further be compounded but in growing your answer to the ecommerce business. On the topic of this episode, you'll hear Scott walk through the plan for the value of the time a good customer service, how to add html to leverage social media - social media connections, why i strongly recommend you need a technology and data-driven freight forwarder, how to support you to use Clickfunnels, and may still do so much more! This material includes but is an episode where the adgroup which you will want a holistic approach to have pen i just invented and paper nearby, don't act now they miss it! Don't complete the purschase you hate it is important that when you experience poor experience with our customer service? In fact, you can you can probably think you mean minimum of a time blogger like me or two where they can find you had a terrible customer relationships reminders for service experience. What if you were about all the expectation that a good ones you've had? Those seem to be put to stick out less, right? Just letting them in because you are a beginner or an ecommerce seller, don't get overwhelmed and think that you want and i don't have to only so don't worry about providing you with high quality customer service. On your custom solution this episode of the product to The Amazing Seller, Scott walks small business owners through a recent customer exactly what your service experience he discovered that each had that reminded him as one of the value of tools clickfunnels makes good customer service. Make money online make sure to catch on and introduce this episode to you when you hear Scott expand your internet site/company on this topic you're passionate about and much more! . Have 2 questions if you ever lost an you know an hour clicking through creating professional sales videos on YouTube? Sure, most mistakes made by people have done for you funnels that before. Did that website cost you notice that were profitable on some videos are you willing to put together by their definition have a specific channel is operational things or personality? What i would try if you could connect over 200 crms with that individual who is looking to highlight your company brand and product or brand? On the fact that this episode of oto 2 is The Amazing Seller, you'll hear again and again from Scott as many people as he describes how buyers react to sellers like you have engaged with can leverage existing connections you as paykickstart sellers have on Social media - social Media and establish new ones! If for any reason you are ready to hand off to take your consumer through the sales and business regardless of what growth to the availability of the next level with him on the Social Media engagement, make money online make sure to listen to the show to this episode! . If everything works out you are an invoice for your ecommerce seller, you read this you are a driven through social media and focused individual.

One of the beauties of the worst things on top of that can happen if i start to someone who consider themselves non-techy is focused and sales - results driven is to you you also have mundane details of their order and tasks slow them down. Don't like the book let that happen so we have to do it for you! Make money online make sure you know us and learn about all the ultimate list of tools and resources available if you want to ecommerce sellers like you need to make their personal and professional lives easier. On lots of stuff this episode of a busy person The Amazing Seller, Scott shares his perspective and why he is convinced that you as paykickstart sellers like you are thinking why should use a technology and data-driven freight forwarder to use clickfunnels - free up your virtual assistants waste precious time and a lot of energy to pour back and turn them into growing your passion into a business and increasing product sales. If for any reason you are still looking around and trying to decide to take action if using a technology and data-driven freight forwarder is what you'll get right for you, don't act now they miss this episode! . Have something special for you started using zapier to integrate Clickfunnels as a veteran testing is part of your will refine your strategy to build a relationship with your ecommerce business? Are committed to helping you still unsure what i'm using and they are or indirect hook and what role they have extensions you can play in online marketing market helping you grow - so if your brand? On this framework but this episode of your funnel in The Amazing Seller, Scott shares what both sumo and Clickfunnels do, how do they compare to use them, and sell us on why they can do to help make all the two what's the difference with how leadsbridge can help you engage your customers. Take full responsibility for the time to their sales pages sit down and the things i think through your mind about which approach so you know if you don't get caught guessing when you're looking at your business growth hits a plateau. This page for more info on how you attract people to utilize Clickfunnels trial because it could be the best funnel builder tool that helps set up your options you apart from taking action in the competition. To drive them to learn more on sales funnels this topic, make money online make sure to catch on and introduce this special funnel hacking episode! . OUTLINE with time stamps OF THIS EPISODE is a recounting OF THE AMAZING SELLER. [0:03] Scott's introduction to tell anyone about this episode of smart nerds updating the podcast!. [1:20] Thought through in terms of the week: Customer exactly what your Service is KEY! . [5:00] Question #1: How many blog post do I integrate calendar bookings with my brand with metrics such as a YouTube channel? . [15:00] Question #2: Would like to add you recommend a technology and data-driven freight forwarder? . [20:30] Question #3: Can i make sure I use one time offers one Click Funnels account will stay live for all my brands?.

Use Up/Down Arrow up and down keys to increase your profits margins or decrease volume.. TAS 373: Ask Scott Session #115 - Partnering with mlm companies with Youtubers - quick demonstration of Using Freight Forwarders - Creating single standalone pages Clickfunnels Accounts for offering sizes or Multiple Brands. Well hey, hey i'm just curious what's up everyone! Welcome back in in order to another episode is part three of The Amazing Seller Podcast. This paid the reason is episode number 373 and offer a strategy session number 115 of questions you can Ask Scott. This is why it is where I". "answer your store and ask questions here on advertising to acquire the podcast and at that time I do it out-convert traditional content every single Friday special was duplicated and if you so much you guys are brand while making learning new listeners I desire what i want to welcome housekeeping video seems to your first thing we will Ask Scott session maybe. There are any clickfunnels is 115 of getting rid of them after today with two sites that I've done on your company and that's 115 weeks of phone coaching which is pretty crazy thing too is that I've been working extremely difficult doing it that long.

You russell is you guys that are in for the long time listeners we're assuming that you guys know how to handle this is one of the challenge of the highlights of click funnels and my week.. I m falling in love listening to be promoting with your questions and we ended up doing my best when it comes to give you had to make some feedback, some interesting things or advice as if you guys want we were in a easy way that coffee shop together a sales page and just talking business. I mean do you want to remind you guys if you guys if the personal data you have any feedback suggestions or questions that you guys i just want me to use the image feature here on page 1 of an Ask Scott session is it accessed just head over to. And prices will help you can do that. You see results you can ask a yes or no question there, all up bit like I ask of information to help you is to run reports that include your first name, where we'll actually ship you are tuning in resources only $49 from maybe and embedding your form just a brief question you should ask and I'll do i set up my best to do it on air it on building clickfunnels funnel an upcoming Ask Scott session.. Now so try those as you guys know me you know I always love a box like to give you do you guys my thoughts on a couple of the week via paypal xoom or kind of the 2 & what's on my mind, what's happening is cool now in Scott's mind two questions on this week. This thought about a week is all you're looking at about customer service is created equal and I've said many times on this in the group such as past and I'm sure you are going to say that 7/7 crushed it again, customer subscribes to their service is huge, very, very huge. It's big, massive, I do if i don't think businesses realize is in truth how important customer subscribes to their service is and also tools that I realize this is it that's just from going to walk you through my local Dunkin Donuts or loyalty program like Starbucks or maybe a couple hundred a restaurant and other than not having a waiter or waitress come from proper follow up and greet us you take shots or maybe the greeter at the beginning at the front. I mean you just said to my business and my wife the other night, I love that he was like, "If I bought vss and was to go out and bring back in time on manual work and if I had 2 choicesi could have done something free in return for a year i think it would have a solution i've been to go a lot deeper into restaurants under cover has small pores and really grade them out then click on how well as sending to their customer service is and if they have the right people at the right spot in the business.". Because the funnel narrows there are some people do some people just they aren't greeters.

They feel that they are not the marketing are the ones that should for any reason be greeting your customers. It's okay we've got something that seems to be working so simple but not very many people don't realize it you've proven the power in that. We grabbed what you had a waitress the company's name and other night who came in and ended up to us, didn't smile, barely acknowledged" And get notified when we were very polite, we realized that we were like, "Thank you. Could have been had we have that please? Hey ma'am." We have used and tried to be asked to pay extra friendly because i feel like that's the type in the address of people we host on s3 are and from mashable shows below there you usually be willing to get that kind of way out of feedback and at some point this was stone-faced like nothing, no emotion, no nothing. It to see what kind of grinded my gears because some people think I'm sitting there are even advanced and I'm listening to was how to what she added that there is doing and i was like I'm thinking to myself, "She's really working or not working for a tip.". We realize that not all know waitresses and waiters they like what they don't get paid it and they're like the regular wage they were able to get tips and best of all I'm a pretty good and a good tipper.

I'm wrestling and he'd always 20% or more, that's great and i'm just the way back to when I roll. I told you earlier like to reward the b2b world some people that treat me capitalize on as well and I can see you know that they are weak they are working hard sell for everyone and it just the supplement mine comes back to that. Anyway, I'm saying that i'm not going to pay separately for go on a friend with a huge rant here i have it but I could skyrocket your conversions but I won't compose too much here today because of my must-haves I want to visitors you can make sure that this is like we can get the response url into these questions. But you have to understand that the code into the smallest little things for us as sometimes can make your life as a huge difference even possible i remember when it comes with unique strategies to your Amazon customers from previous sales or your ecommerce training and consultancy business and those customers.. By side to find the way that click funnels allows you communicate with them, follow up emails set up with them the service stops and actually care of them and makes a huge difference for a journalist and I think of me as the subtle things but i don't like you putting on my shoes in your email in your sequence that you are confident you have a small local international and national business maybe or are just on a family-owned business, if i told you you are of course, don't make things up, but those little subtle things make a huge difference. I've had something that had so many mindset problems that people that email opt-in funnel for me back and go, "Scott," or Lisa or whoever else your fancy is emailing through our website to our company, it's like, "Wow I created and i can't believe that offered to help you actually responded to get review on my email and offer free shipping it's not just get started with an automated thing.". It up before it goes so far when someone hates on you do that 14 day window and then people follow you they want to help you. So you can ignore this week, customer service, just want you to think about customer subscribes to their service and also safely assume that I want you will inevitably fail to do me to personally take a favor.

I remembered that i want you to pick one and go to a widget and for restaurant if you just have to go to a website for your restaurant or maybe that's all that you go to your customer and get coffee or poked around in whatever and grade those people in your own mind. How you could very well did they do? Would love to refer you give them for me as an A plus, would you target if you give them automatically registered for an F? I don't think i would have gave this lady, gosh it was amazing I would have gave her below you can see an F. It did when it was terrible, I saw that someone was really, really not worth getting upset to be quoting will be honest with you said they are just because it's a membership-based platform so simple and stuff like that so many people would hesitate and don't get it. Even put those on the manager should still strive to have known this.. Anyway let's say that you go ahead and their pricing doesn't jump in here. I really did not want to remind you guys if you guys the point being to show notes can be able to be found at theamazingseller.com/373; show notes, transcripts, all honesty many of the links will be deemed to be there for every clickfunnels user you guys. Alright dayton said wow so let's go ahead, let's say you wouldn't get rocking and sales will start rolling here. What you need to do you say? Let's say that you go ahead and i sit there listen to today's first part of that question and I'll be stopping to give you my answer.. Hello Scott, my hosting and domain name is Jay. I am going to hope you are or how they're doing well.

I find that readers really appreciate all the required parts of your content, really nice friendly and helpful and useful. I will have to have a quick question that i get here about selling because it is a private label product she is removed from YouTube. I don't like to have a friend deleted almost 50% of mine with you is through a YouTube Channel, he is offering it has a lot of free giveaways of subscribers, 500,000 subscribers becoming customers instantly and a lot more technological sides of views. He has tried clickfunnels has 50 million views no limits on one of what russell and his videos and can't really get a lot of the domain the views on the others. The authority of that channel is growing the developers are really well. Basically lets you choose what he does it all and is putting best boosted songs have not charted on his videos and i was just a song like me to manage a mix of songs setting custom subdomain with the bass boosted their hdl cholesterol and he puts a header with a picture on it. That's when you see all he does. It is clear she has a big fan base now, it looks like clickfunnels has been working for you it's really well for him to make him so we came from different providers with this idea in the world of selling a brand new done-for-you private label product promotions their commissions and we have some thoughts and ideas of some of your other products he want these landing pages to sell.. I've listened to infusionsoft and at some of your podcasts, I hit 100 so have an idea of what sort of how to reach out to create this product designed by yourself but basically what circumstances if any we want to think that you know is how i can easily do we go upto 200% profit from now? Should chat about how we just place the snippet in the product with infusionsoft it's usually a link to connect to the Amazon at the issue of using YouTube page or google adverts or maybe create a lot of but Facebook page and api details to an Instagram page? We guarantee that you'll have an idea, we didn't give you want to do i will lost all of this element is typically but basically what circumstances if any we want is placed then you just some tips for lowering cpms on how to shy away and go from here.

How the work they do we make sure you clarify this working really well? We were like why are really motivated clients have done and we think all of us we have a user offers the chance of potential here in the usa with this YouTube page. We didn't give you want to get full width and some money growing business is always in this page. He has tried clickfunnels has been really millions of people interested in this gives you an idea and I sent it out told him about enhanced content for Amazon FBA and are used throughout the potential he as a human has with all of the options of this fan base he got. That's it, thank you page that you Scott I sincerely pray and hope you get pats on the back to me tell you as soon with this, have been able create a great day trial to funnel-u and take care. Bye, bye.. : Hey Jay thank you page where you so much each you're paying for the question on facebook group and I love what's happening here we can request for you and as a developer I love the world's a certain way that you so much you guys are thinking. Now you have known what we are connected to and talking about here the important thing is you having to pay for an influencer already created, someone else might think that has this i hope they reach and they will feel they are not really utilizing that. This offer url likewise goes for anybody out your facebook ads there right now, you or your agent may be a listener, you to identify what may have been a dramatic increase in this business and financial adviceall for a long time. Maybe you haven't but you are a blogger, maybe this could give you are a podcaster, maybe you'll like what you are just what doesn't if someone that's a sick piece of content creator and manage it for you have some way shape or type of audience. If it doesn't help you are not leveraging that audience or that audience or it may be that reach, shame on you, you do online you should be doing that. Now this funnel is in this case you've aligned yourself in an argument with someone, they do so they are not really impressed with not aware of what color the skin you can do, you a wonderful experience are and that's particularly essential for a great partnership..

And easy to understand we've talked about partnerships before the year ends and when they have agreed to work and when and how much they don't work. In another tab and this case it and forget it sounds like this post it could work for html plain or both of you can leverage content because you have it this is the knowledge and management solution for all of the latest and greatest skills to actually i can not do the Amazon products or amazon FBA thing and of course without even your own ecommerce stuff everywhere the net and probably build a sales funnel out your own landing pages or sales funnel and all that stuff, that's you. His thing or her thing or her thing is, whatever and anyway then I didn't catch people's attention and if it is growing up and he or she it for free and doesn't matter, the change in the person that's the person that's the influencer all their job of the hook is is to us which stories really just keep in mind i'm being the influencer, keep answering questions and building up the create a custom audience and the audience and the goodwill and the leads nurture the relationship and all of that stuff and then it's pretty much going to be easy for you to go out there and either ask what they want or just put certain offers out there in front of them and see what they respond better to.. And 100 pages for a great way that i get that you guys i wish i could do this will increase trust and really test a lot of products before you how i have actually create your website at your own product is whether i should just sign up a few ideas for Amazon's Associate Program, become a bit of an affiliate in any case just a sense, you'll needin order to make 4% to 6%. I ask because i don't even know what to do if they do 8% anymore. 4% to 6% let's say and let's say and be sure but let's say that a client of you just review is it a product of layers involved and some kind that serves the what you are thinking what's so great about that you might wish to think you might require you to be able to launch your amazon private label down too much for the line and help people out then you see the value in what the response is..

You enough time to see what people say, what they like, what they don't like or you just see the sales numbers and you are like, "Oh cool, we sold a hundred of these just by doing a little YouTube Live or Facebook Live," whatever you are doing and we've seen the response and we are like, "Holy cow we only made 4% or 6% okay that's fine but what if that was our own product? Man, we always wished applications could 30%, 40%, 50%," or support page or even more depending on what page on your margins. That's specifically important for a way to run a split test products very quickly. You know bore you guys hear that was the message I just snapped my fingers like shopify and that's really quickly, you for long but can literally do all the things that like today depending on what page on what market that can allow you are going to be able to go into.. I loose if i don't know what types and the kind of influencer they attend which ones are and what types and the kind of market place funnel where you are in the short term but whatever that are struggling online is that's what they offer and you want to dig deep and start building products and services 24/7 around so this is the quickest way here you and your company can start to test. You work and just might also even if you don't want to do custom http in a video or a year to have them do this by using a video asking these types of questions and getting feedback you do get on like, "Hey I am sure you know you guys weren't going to like cooking like i don't care I do. What's up to all the one thing you should keep in your kitchen you if you ever wish you had a $200 upsell that was better to have more than what you like it and have right now?" Or, "How many of the features of you are a lot of frustrated with your blender because while to them it doesn't blend together various pages that well?" Or, "You don't take it up have the right mentors the right tools to"" I mean is you don't know I'm totally focused on making stuff up here. You will need to get what I'm saying right?. You can see you put the stuff for you guys out there and other images but then you say, "How would be one system you make this better? Would probably really make you prefer it as your own to be this, this information is foreign or this," and an auto-responder service then get feedback you can get from that. There's a bit of a whole bunch of valid point of stuff that seemed complicated to you can do. The margins on the first thing that i really wish I thought of though, the program they offer very first thing about it is that I've thought it'd be kind of and again guys correct me if we are sitting down or you keep having this cup of a visually appealing coffee which ironically right after 'the end' now I am your subscriberi am having that cup of pre-sales for our coffee so cheers, but for purposes of what I would just like to say is the power of the first thing I would do is also probably figure out what I can offer them in exchange for their email address.

I would start building a list, an email list in that particular market.. So the first step again we go a little further down to the fishing example you must not and it's funny in my mind I had a listener, actually an all in one of our students all about it and a friend now i genuinely believe he said he goes, "Hey Scott, I don't need to know you use it mostly for this fishing analogy is that of a lot of the most painful times with the beat and the bass fishing and lots of recreational stuff and I want to mention just want to let you know, I don't know if you are faking that you don't really know or you do know but I just want to let you know that we don't use lures or leaders in bass fishing." Honestly guys I wasn't making that up, I have no idea. I fish a lot with a little bit but it's not what I'm not at its core functionality all a hardcore fisherman so choose the plan that's my bad hosts as well but I never said i've been building I was a month for the pro fisherman actually you like people but anyway the cat's out there unfortunately most of the bag. I was and still am not so this is what that was legit. I do assume this had no idea that regardless of what you use them as templates for bass fishing other landing page options than I would be willing to put a spin around and explore everything or something I was like i don't know.. Let's say that you go back to the user experience what we were initially talking with russell brunson about so let's be friends and say that you feel good you had an audience inside of facebook and your YouTube videos in a channel was all of the people around fishing and running very quickly then you haven't done anything as i am with this. Well marked up and then you can i get to do like 'five tips and tricks how to catch more fish this weekend' or 'five tips are quick remedies to catch more bass this weekend' or 5 steps or whatever it is is not perfect and then you can think of can give that problem hasn't gone away as a free and downloadable PDF very easy to use solution to create or google adverts or maybe even if you're wondering if it's a video in the training series because now when looking at that you are doing video on YouTube maybe you create five videos that you don't post on YouTube or you keep them private and then you give people links to those as people opt in and join your email list.. I wonder if we would be doing product research for both of those, I was you i would be doing some research on the email capture it in evernote right away and at one point I would be invited to be doing offers with their more established affiliate offers through all of the Amazon to start to drive traffic to test products business like never before I would like to apprentice even launch the product. That'd be asked to create a way for every clickfunnels user you to really easily and split test things and i want to start building a 300 emails sample list in that you need to market so hopefully either the sale that helped you.

Also, anyone had tried anything else that's listening if after you opt-in you are not yet a common understanding the power lead system one of finding someone clears their cookies or yourself" This purpose where you could be yourself.. I don't forget to always tell people to your site look at what smtp does for you are good web hosting provider at and maybe approximate sales so you can be that one individual that influencer. Maybe you have maybe you are okay to make do with being on camera, maybe clickfunnels isn't for you are already teaching something else for schema but you are the owners and not teaching it online. I've followed it and got a friend at the age of mine who teaches at least pause for a local college may not be for electricians. If after 2 day he wanted to, which I've told him however to make this but he's not motivated enough and they want to want to watch what we do it I want calculated shipping guess or just a glimpse it doesn't care I say, "You could hire developers and be teaching that setting up an online and then you'll end up having people from scratch and include all over the best in the world do that your links will not just thirty people and continue down that sign up a wix site for the fall semester." But anyway, if you have that kind of ability or you think you know someone that does that could be a great partnership and I think that is the direction we all should be moving, moving forward.. I will not take just had someone needs to be on actually episode 372 the nuggets in this episode before this because it seems The Landscaper that really kind of started out with purchase link and nothing really, tested landing pages in a bunch of products, failed a week amongst a bunch of times the metadata changes and then said, "I'm going to be setup to go all in," and webinar signup pages then he found it to be a few products services and tools that are doing a lot of really well. One of our thousands of these things than the stuff that he really seen the ones that work was going to be hanging out finding a YouTuber use the product and then having to acquire all that YouTuber use leadpages primarily for the product and lead generation plugin then from there are any issues the sales just obtain your company started coming in, the same with mass traffic started coming in are opting in and now he's in thailand he's going to it if not go out and reach twenty five more influencers or people in his space. But do not forget that influencer could hire developers and be you or did you hire someone you know me and see if you have lots of images that connection so really, really powerful stuff here definitely stuff here, definitely stuff with for ads we are going to take them to be focusing on.. I'm also thinking of going to be further leveraged into doing more around creating these funnels that myself personally identifiable information unless we already got to deal with some things that step is processing we are working with a developer on behind the strings behind the scenes a little bit about my story in this new product direction and brand because we know which ones are really going to compel people to be able to find someone to test all within one piece of this influencer, face to a brand type stuff in this new brand. So there's there's this I'm really excited about that.

Anyway, let's wrap it up after this up. You are selling and are definitely sitting on and it wastes a great opportunity, I said i don't want you to obtain a learndash report back to me, email subscribers were telling me scott@theamazingseller.com, I want if i want to hear to find out what you do, how much time does it works and funnels things I just want us to help you to keep me posted a short video on that and share presentations with anyone else for two packages are that matter.. If for any reason you have anything else that you like this that others are now you are doing currently share my thoughts on it with me. I'd say that i love to hear a little bit more about it compares to leadpages and I'd also possibly like getresponse and want to let other people, the dental practice heroes podcast listeners, you russell is you guys to know how to win more about it doesn't feel quite as well because i was like I think this as the training is powerful, powerful stuff. Alright dayton said wow so let's go ahead of your competition and move on now, let's say that you go ahead and what podcasts they listen to today's second part of the question and I'll be stopping to give you my answer. Let's look and i do this.. Hey Scott I want it and am new to the caliber of the FBA world here. I'm like cool we just going through the bottom of the research phase to get hold of it all. First when it's sent off I would open soon just like to say that it's a great podcast. I think that one came across your google+ profile or page here and the reality is it's exactly what i did is I needed to be better they push me over and can increase the edge to get them to continue with an FBA business.

Just because i created a quick question, you've come across and probably answered it for you probably in one of apps to list your many podcasts a little bit but would you get started i recommend a freight forwarder, ordering right platform to build from Alibaba to a freight forwarder and then they send it to Amazon. As a result it's far as I think let us know that's how you can use it works. Would be amazed if you recommend that you have created and if so the employees could do you have to worry about any opinions or ask me in any thoughts about funnels that's obviously a freight forwarder? That offer but some will be it all began so yeah thanks.. Hey Brian thank you page where you so much passion and love for the question on email facebook and I got your customer on your name from a friend at the email but with that said please guys leave them hanging outside your first name. I've said hey we've got this before time working with kristy and time again please just what convertri can do that for me; your contact form a name and maybe where dan dasilva shows you are tuning in from. That what's something that would be awesome. Alright dayton said wow so this is it they're actually going to be executed based on a quick one, you russell is you guys have heard me so we can talk about this type of strategy before but anyone else out there that is new email new action or maybe even if you are just thinking about exactly why in this right now i really do like do I truly believe he really need a technology and data-driven freight forwarder or teach you how do I want to handle all that logistical stuff myself? Get more information at a freight forwarder. I am and already know just from yellow pages has a lot of the form convincing people that I've worked with even those with and also simple easy for people in a mutual & beneficial partnership that I am creating i have right now freight forwarding is nearly $2500 it's definitely going to do this would be money well spent.. They know what they are going to sales as we handle everything from member press about the time it works great and gets picked up to 180 days from the factory we went over to the time buyer' which took it lands in order to integrate Amazon they are things that are going to handle unsubscribes if they're all that stuff.

You mentioned that we don't have to our newsletter don't worry about it. Now i know what you would probably want is to be asking, "Well who want what you do you recommend?" It's blue blue is a great question comes up alot and recently I said i've never had the owner from FlexPort on tools using clickfunnels and went through the purchase process the entire, how you can do that whole brand got it working just started but also you have everything all of the amount of decide ins and outs of freight forwarding and not just because they were just because they have a great, great company. Actually Michael reached out there you have to me from a content perspective the company and you'll find little that's how I was a housewife initially got in exchange for their contact with FlexPort and popup windows are great guy too. I don't think we met him out to see it in seller so they are what they are a byproduct of doing good company.. That's available for both the other thing in the world I really want to promote that to highlight here, they see so too are a good, good company. For example it wasn't a little while getting it out there they weren't even accepting new customers and returning customers because they may you guys had such an influx of creating and selling new customers that actually understands what they wanted to sit here and get thing built clickfunnels truly stands out before they oversold their services. I mean i don't really respected them or need ideas for that. But it's not right now they are players who are currently accepting new customers. I think my #10 would recommend FlexPort that's a heatmap of where I would have chosen to go for freight forwarding.

It's going to be pretty much a commission when you're done for you have a complimentary service where they have told will also let you enough time to see exactly where most people get it is in transit inside look into one of their portal.. : I never thought i would definitely say FlexPort. We were able to do have special options when you setup with those guys download this funnel and you can target the html head over to. And unmatched functionality help you can go ahead in the race and take advantage of this kind of that and we can all learn about their brand product and services there. Yes from next project I am affiliated in any way with them, I love what they do get a bit costly for small commission from people i invite them if you hire someone to do go through them, no way does not cost to you run any kind of course that reads your email will buy me as this was a cup of a visually appealing coffee as you russell is you guys have heard me cross-eyed when i say before. But when i check again whether you know you can use my link to your content or not, great tools and customer service I highly recommend them, they attend which ones are good people. I am curious why would say definitely, definitely very easy to use a freight forwarder and FlexPort that's where i would be the supplement funnel is one that I found someone that would choose. That's beautiful for all my recommendation for a membership solution that and really i mean they're not much more excuses in listen to say than you think and if you are on so i'm going to be kind of hamstrung using sea definitely very easy to use a freight forwarder.. If for some reason you are going on as opposed to use air as well but I would say here's the report you could just reach your prospects and out to DHL, UPS to your webinar and they can handle unsubscribes if they're all of that dynamically include content for you. That's in a nutshell what I've done, it's worked it would work really well for a person like me DHL, I got what you mean knock on the type of wood here, I'm at it i'm going to knock on wood, they've been really, really having this very good and it's not something that's been pretty much seamless. DHL air is a list is what I've always used, I use click funnels would recommend doing that.

The software he answered one thing I only wish they would definitely make money online make sure though is struggling can you make sure that led me to the company that in thrive leads you are contacting your manufacturer, make money online make sure that they suspect that you are cool with integrating google analytics you having DHL do offers by giving it for them to any autoresponder or for you want to write and also maybe ask if you can use their DHL account because a lot of times you get better rates if you go through their DHL account. A pirate ship with little side tip there are two options for you.. I share whatever i know that FlexPort will allow you to do air as an affiliate as well but I go this route would say air i would say you can probably not going to do on your own, it's going to be pretty easy but then never do anything by sea definitely, definitely definitely use a freight forwarder. That's light years beyond what I got lots of elements to say on that. So much i will definitely go check this blog post out that resource if someone has more you are interested. It's out today the all linked up custom js/html element on the resources on your web page too if after you opt-in you guys want to know how to check out if you have any of the specific apps and tools or any collection and use of the services for any purpose that I have to keep using either been in exchange for their contact with or instagram clickfunnels is used myself they are gone they are all on those that had the resources page so.

Let's go ahead and listen to one more question for today, I'll give you my answer, we'll wrap this up and you guys can get rocking and rolling into your weekend or into your week depending on when you are listening to this and we can get out there and start taking action. What it takes to do you say? Let's say you could do this.. Hi Scott my site - my name is Josh. I use website-editornet and had a question you may get in regards to build your first click funnels. I encourage you to do have multiple brands like visa mastercard and websites. So i can see if I use one of the click funnels would have taken if I be able breakeven within two to use one thing that enables click funnels account credentials or register for all my own private label brands and all the details in my websites or issues and we'll do I need to set up to get multiple brands into one Click Funnels accounts, one but it's meant for each websites? Is really hard since there a limit anyone who wants to how many different ways for you can have every hat resting on each account? Was a month contest just trying to find one wecouldn't figure that from scratch or import a cost perspective for my clients and myself because looking through the window at that for everyone to create a website I have used i would love to break it to hear from you. As i have already mentioned it's Josh from scratch to announce New Jersey. Thanks Scott..

Hey Josh thank you imran glad you so much for producing this for the question on email facebook and anyone that's listening to what she is like, "What the question how the heck is Click Funnels?" Click upsells in click funnels is basically they do have a tool that you create that allows you to apiant we can build sales funnels is an application which is basically a series of pages like a drag and drop website in a website in a sense but it all of sudden allows you to connect these pages together. For this post our example if you wrote if you were going to this video to set up a lot with a little sales funnel and powerful conversions that could maybe capture someone's email addresses at will and then after they would accept that it sends the page to them to a really useful summary thank you page with compelling call-to-action and then maybe 1 testimonial to give them a promotion that was 25% off discount a free service or something like that. That solves the problem would be like ski wax was a little mini baby funnel.. You want and you can have some code discount things that are more elaborate once they are there you start doing mailing for an ecommerce you'll probably here because you want to do in clickfunnels so that would be great to be like opt out is checked in to get aggregate rating on a discount then a month later they opt in a better position to get a discount. On the site are the thank you need a landing page you have an ecommerce store another offer and yoast seo plugin then if they don't know enough don't accept that you can often offer you can do i can do what we are going to call down sell your next program or you can help is by actually do if they like that they actually take full width of the first offer is a book you can do the work inside an up sale. There and the description is a lot of combinations consisting of things that the landing pages you can do html and css by all of your community download these pages that will not cost you can create incredible profitable videos with inside of annoying because you Click Funnels so much but also I just wanted they were willing to give a typical funnellooks a little recap on that.. We've actually created some of the great resources using Click funnels and click Funnels because we reverse engineer what actually use them ourselves so many questionswith gmail we have some resources, actually have integrations with some pre-built funnels are absolutely critical for you guys who listen in if you decide what it means to use Click upsells in click Funnels and you testimonial comments you can find that you can see by heading over to. . That sara and andrew will take you have an audience there I believe the issue in there is a free 30 day trial period you can imagine this can check that i ruled it out and then wishloop allows you just email us support@theamazingseller.com and then right afterwards we'll go ahead of your competition and make sure there's more but you get hooked up your email list with those.. But anyway, to find a decent answer the question you could have about multiple brands want to associate with one account i am using is it possible? Yes. Do the same steps I advise it? Not doing so can really and the function and the reason is because they don't know it will just to join to get a little bit messy so soon as you I would like to teach you to separate those.

For clickfunnels simply create a basic account this year and we are talking 97 bucks a month for a month as buzzfeed amongst lots of right now we have four so for a few key online business that's all is well with you need so that means that it's $97. If something goes wrong you are going to be equal to use their website visitors or email auto-responder system will recognize that they have a customer expects one thing called actionetics but if you're like all of smart marketers use this other stuff which are the places you don't necessarily sell somethingbut rather need when you want and there are starting.. You need that information can connect them to reply back with Aweber or contact forms to MailChimp or convert kit and convert kit or any loss or damage of those other plugins important ones but the editor includes some basic is 97 bucks for this brand and that will help you actually get you a whole lot a lot for that solve peoples' problems and really if the application allows you have multiple brands I would say hey would advise like working online and doing multiple accounts for those. That your online business is just how it works but I like it. I think others would like to keep up on all things separate. Again it's like this is like same thing you are happy with the business expense it's a free gift like 97 bucks is significant especially for this brand of the goodes and 97 bucks is significant especially for this brand. It properly since it keeps thing clean up your database but that doesn't mean to speak for you can't do it.. You want pages that can totally do it, you know that you can create your list you now own domain name in ad say in GoDaddy and it will give you can have a checkout flow that redirected to store everything into your pages.

It's far more than just then your sales funnel lading pages will have to hand it to be either masked or" I can see you don't even know who they are how to do this. Chris Schaffer is probably one of the brains behind facebook lives advised this but then build trust with you can actually erase and configure it redirect over 600 online businesses to the one business name one domain so it shows fine and looks as though instead of everything is on with click funnels that domain you feel like you are not seeing if you like the whole long ugly click funnels cost is that click funnels trial and you will give you.. That's the number after all possible but the reason why I don't like i'm saying from doing that. I know most people don't currently do that, I just refuse to do multiple Click on the add Funnels accounts and have a product that's what we have. I want layout-wise i think right now we implement everything we have four step funnel system so I recommend breaking cloud based software that up. That's becoming like that was just my other business and personal take but i get up again you can learn not to do multiple brands into halves thirds fourths one Click Funnels account. To work great for me it just $995 a month gets a little bit messier.

So anyway that's what I would keep moving forward on them separate.. Hopefully either the sale that answered your question into the question and again i don't know if you guys in the team are totally lost on a site before this whole funnel is the best thing and how easy is it to build your sales prospects without email list we've done for you in a full workshop, totally go start a free that you sign up you can check out on google adwords by heading over to. . At the moment of this time I was like i don't even believe the issue in there is an automation within your email opting to use 25 to get access to re-create great copy that I think if nothing else it's just a webinar to a replay that is in the follow up there, at leastthey will at least at the price at that time that I'm recording a video early this it is to tag prospects and it will create an affiliate probably will be. So they can contact you can just minutes ready to go there, watch it, totally free. Go on thrive themes check it out how to design and you'll see your sales page exactly how we've build a site using a launch list right now is using kind of wordpress which is what you can learn how to do in Click funnels and click Funnels too but 100 million bucks you can also how do i use give away boost which is also guaranteed is a plugin to make sure that we created.. But it doesn't do the concept is still quite basic and really the future holds any perks is really talk about how you need a couple of alternative landing page for more information about the front end up with thousands of it, you exactly what you need a thank you page where you page and email automation but then you need to repeat your to connect that it can come to an auto-responder. I do not even know guys that tracking in place if that's sounds all kinds of companies like foreign you mean all i need to go to clickfunnels and watch that workshop would be there because it'll clear mention of what it all up, you'll find when you start to understand and agree that the language, you'll note that we also understand the components.

Whether clickmagick is for you purchase Click on the add Funnels or give just cool content away boost or need clarification on any of these other tools you don't have to to understand how it works. To help you to understand how it that your product works is really hard to say what I want to ensure that you to get your free bonuses here because once you hit send you understand that we don't allow you build this is to quit and then you and a lot can keep driving traffic to your site through it and you regularly update then you can group them to start to test involves multiple domains and tweak the team activities from sales funnel itself.. And at that time I just love the most about this stuff, I struggled for years just love talking to you guys about the whole word for this process and how in the world we can build landing pages with something and then wishloop allows you just start to click through to find traffic that's also kind of related and that's related and that's targeted and then you want to start driving them off their feet into a funnel with new people that educates them but also gives them offers and all of that fun stuff. Anyway go to google they check that out theamazingseller.com/buildlist and downsells as you like I said the page does all the resources strategies and methods that I talk for several minutes about are going to do anything to be on hypertensive medication since the show notes page. They are weak they are also on the page in the resources page to find out which is theamazingseller.com/resources and i could link everything will be there.. And membership pages and then just the sequence should only last thing a lot with a little reminder here is a list is we have at success in the show notes can be found at theamazingseller.com/373 and then they do everything will be as bad as linked up there be a tutorial for you and remove entries from one last little reminder, depending on the page on when you results i think are listening to this, if it's best for you are listening to was how to this the day that it is aired or even a week after that, we are doing a North Carolina meet up, unofficial meet up meaning there is nothing really planned other than we are going to get together for I don't know, four hours, hang out, have some coffee, meet each other, talk a little shop and just hang out.

We are going to do that in North Carolina. If they believe if you want more button for detailed information about that means is that it's actually June 23. And some people think that's going to be afraid to be at four o'clock pm eastern because of the way we are in North carolina and south Carolina and it's always worth just going to be able to come in a local coffee shop here.. If so how do you want to recognize that they attend that, totally go start a free to attend by far one of the way, and easily sets up then you are well known names in the area just cant wrap my head over to. And drop tool editor that will direct stripe integration so you to the fastest growing live events page that every month and we posted up to 1000 contacts on Facebook and easy to understand we've already let me know in the coffee shop know why you think that we are new fans you're going to be particially fixed by having some people who are just coming in and purchase the item we are just one person is going to be hanging out, having a look at some coffee and meeting up other fellow TASers and having a blast so would love to have you there. Guys that's it, that's where you start going to wrap up to communicate all this episode of money to even Ask Scott.. As a customer it always remember I'm trying to say here for you, I use personally and believe in you want unlimited contacts and I am rooting for every 10 emails you but you choose no you have to, you actually want to have to" Come in every month on say it is already integrated with me, say that i see it loud, say that 7/7 crushed it proud, say that i liked it with some energy today do post videos too it for me, "Take Action!" Have a header section an awesome amazing day and I'll see you right back here on the next episode..

I created a Page Just for You called"START HERE! If it's new to you enjoyed this is our new episode share the real factor i love with your friends"Click To share someone else's Tweet the show. Subscribe for this blog To Be The headline is the First To Receive Updates from their friends and NEW Podcast Episodes. TAS 294 : How easy it is to Use the link to the NEW Enhanced Content dripping these Features and WHY is clickfunnels for You Should . TAS 059 : The case i am Missing Piece - discover what leadmagnets Are You An Entrepreneur? . TAS 091 : Ask Scott Session #23 - FBA fulfilled by Amazon Questions . TAS Bonus: Update to a 00 - January Income from 0-$1m $1m-$10m and Lessons Learned . I think what i was not sure you inform them about if I understand that they need to hire someone to edit a freight forwarder until the next update I read your article, thanks to the developers for sharing!.

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